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Homeogum products essential for your health. The essentials. Only you can take care of yourself.

HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy


The Laboratory creates since 2012 quality eco-friendly products. These products are documented and selected by researchers. Researchers who have developed synergies of ingredients for concentrations of exceptional qualities. The 'plus' of Homeogum products is their sublingual intake , which also allows a much better assimilation than oral intake. In fact, when taken "habitually", the sublingual dose is Stomach and liver barriers limit absorption and systematically destroy 80% of the active ingredients ... whatever the dose. The products are Homeogum 100% assimilable, so they combine quality and efficiency!

the best of plants and minerals

For your full shape, plants and minerals ultra-dosed and concentrated for a top assimilation.

Ginkgo Biloba
antidepressant for this natural remedy in homeopathy and phytotherapy
Acacia or Gum Arabic
The Guarana or Warana

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Opinion HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy

Enjoy the best of nature, a quality made in France. All with a simple use, under the tongue!

made in france

Homeogum is the initial supplement French. It combines homeopathy and herbal medicine... And whose entire production is carried out in France! A French laboratory, 100% ecological with real values. A laboratory that takes care of you.

100% natural

Homeogum products promise the use ofreduced packaging to limit excess packaging and carbon footprint. The production processes exclude, among other things, all endocrine disruptors . Homegum also prohibits animaltesting !

ease of use

The products Homeogum are pluggable sublingual, and in the form of gums to be put under the tongue which allows a much higher assimilation. As a reminder, oral absorption causing the loss of 80% of the components of a drug or dietary supplement.


Opinion HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy

Don't trust us. Trust them.


Very satisfied, especially with Immum Vital, for my Hashimoto's disease: I was able to resume an active life with a TSH of 3.08!



I started taking the gums in April, and I have already lost 5.5kg, even though I hadn't been able to lose a gram for months.
Morally, I'm much better, too.
3 people in my circle of acquaintances have ordered following my results.

My doctor prescribed me a anxiolytic very powerful to treat my depression but this one put me in a vegetative state and cut me off from real life. After several unsuccessful attempts to stop it because I had become addicted to the poison. On the advice of a friend, I decided to replace this drug with an product of nature in homeopathy, zen attitude, which changed my life! I regained a taste for life and got my mind back. No more anxiety or stress! Thank you Homeogum !