French food supplements combining
Homeopathy & Phytotherapy

Discover our basic prebiotic gummies to be taken sublingually in a range of food supplements promoting vitality, performance, relaxation, microcirculation, immune defences & thyroid functions...

Perfect synergy of plants and minerals combining homeopathy and phytotherapy for an increased vascularization, promoting Zen Attitude, Oxygenation and Anticoagulation at the base of health



    14.40  INCL. VAT


    14.40  INCL. VAT
  • IMMUNIM VITAL-Hashimoto-Hyperthyroidism


    14.40  INCL. VAT

100% French & natural laboratory

Homeogum has been developing quality ecological food supplements. Its products are documented and selected by researchers.

Researchers who have developed synergies of ingredients with exceptional concentrations and quality.

The 'plus' of Homeogum products is the sublingual intake , which also allows a much better assimilation than the swallowed intake.

Indeed, when swallowed, the stomach and liver barriers limit absorption and systematically destroy 80% of the active ingredients... whatever the dose. The products Homeogum are 100% assimilable!

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Very satisfied, especially with Immum Vital, for my Hashimoto's disease: I was able to resume an active life with a TSH of 3.08!


I started taking the gums in April, and I have already lost 5.5kg, even though I hadn't been able to lose a gram for months.

Morally, I'm much better, too.
3 people in my circle of acquaintances have ordered following my results.

My doctor had prescribed me a very powerful anxiolytic to treat my depression, but this one put me addictive in a state of vegetation and cut me from the real life. I decided to replace this drug by a natural product, Zen Attitude ! I found again taste for life and found all my head : no more anxieties and good bye stress !

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