Assimilation of a homeopathic treatment


A treatment homeopathy a a real efficiency and an advantage:

  1. A assembly into homeopathy (homeopathic treatment) is highly effective on the ratio of indication of ingredients and route of assimilation
  2. On all forms of products the action must be the most direct to the organ to be treated. 
  3. There are many tips and benefits for a treatment combining homeopathy and phytotherapy

Assimilation of a natural remedy and homeopathic treatment

Therefore, the safest form for the body is a homeopathy/phytotherapy gumtreatment with its sublingual assimilation.

All industrialists are therefore striving to manufacture products to be swallowed orally that pollute the liver and are relatively effective.

And in order to avoid the digestive tract with a congestion of the liver destroying the so-called active, sublingual assimilation is recommended.

In fact, 80% of the destruction of assets by the liver is systematic by the oral route.

The body assimilates the remaining 20% if and only if the intestine is functioning properly.

Assimilation of a natural remedy and homeopathic treatment


A natural composition sold in pharmacies or specialized stores is preferable to chemistry in many pathologies.

Doctors deliver diagnoses to patients, who are themselves abused by large laboratories interested in profit.

As a result, it is a misplaced trust for patients and doctors.

The side effects of these medicines are therefore compensated for by taking other medications. 

But the medical profession knows that beyond the absorption of 3 molecules, the 4th is dangerous. (iatrogenic)

In the future, "connected" health will indicate a pseudo-diagnosis pre-established by the major drug manufacturers. (alexa will be everywhere)

Alternative medicines exist with for example Corinne Collin Bellet, Corinne Brossier or with a specialty Homeogum.

Thus the product Zen Attitude is one of these alternatives in homeopathy/phytotherapy against the depression and the tension.

Indeed this product without addiction or drowsiness is taken by sublingual assimilation to the bloodstream.

Similarly, the regulation of the thyroid with the product Immunim Vital and the bloodoxygenation with Energy Blood.

Assimilation of a product or Galenic

The form is presented under various aspects:

  • a lozenge
  • an eraser
  • granule
  • a capsule
  • a liquid
  • one tablet
  • a capsule
  • gunpowder

New concepts invented, artificial and pompous by oral assimilation are totally unreasonable:

  1. Prolonged-release concepts or other liposomal encapsulation do not guarantee efficacy.
  2. The resistance of the active ingredients in these new product concepts has never been measured, proven and validated scientifically.

Assimilation of a natural remedy and homeopathic treatment

The microbiota considered the second brain.

Thus the intestinal, vaginal and oral flora is irrigated by the blood and lymphatic micro-capillaries thanks to sublingual assimilation.

The Acacia Gum Arabic is used for coating HOMEOGUM and has the advantage of being an FOS used to regenerate the microbiota.


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