The SecretAcacia is a natural sap, called Gum Arabic. Insoluble in alcohol but soluble in water and under the tongue (sublingual) it is the basis for the coating of our products in homeopathy and phytotherapy.

Gum Arabic is present in all products HOMEOGUM is a form of natural carbohydrate derived fromAcacia that comes in the form of a mixture of potassium, magnesium and calcium salts.

Coating of nutritional supplements, medicines, used in confectionery, the Gum of Acacia is everywhere.

Neutral and harmless additive (E414), this gum, also known as Arabian Gum, comes in powder or crystals.

A bit of history

This natural gum, derived from plants, is produced from the dried sap of Acacias that grow throughout the Sahel "eco-region" (from Senegal in West Africa to Somalia in East Africa, not forgetting Sudan, which accounts for 80% of total world production.

The hardened sap of the Acacia tree is collected in the middle of the rainy season (usually in July) by digging holes in the bark of the Acacia Senegal and collecting its sap, often called Gum of Senegal.

This Gum has been used since ancient times by human civilizations.

The sap was used by the ancient Egyptians for medicinal purposes, for making desserts, for treating haemorrhoids and for making adhesives...

The ancient Arab physicians also recognized the usefulness of this plant-derived product and widely used it in their own medical practices thousands of years later. 

Do you know that?

The first species ever discovered was named Acacia nilotica by the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus in the 1700s. Since then, nearly 1000 species have been added to the genus Acacia.

France is the world's leading exporter of Gum Arabic.

What for?

It is used in the food industry where it is an emulsifying agent but also in cosmetics and in the paint industry.

In thepharmaceutical industry, Gum is used as an emollient, as an additive in some cough and gastrointestinal medicines and as a coating for Homeogumlozenges with the additional function of re-sowing the microbiota by its fructo-oligo-saccharide (FOS) nature.

Studies? Yes !

Acacia Gum contains water-soluble dietary fibre (WSDF) which is not only good fibre for your diet, but also useful for controlling your cholesterol.

  • A study has shown that a daily intake of 15 grams of Gum of Acacia in liquid form helps to manage plasma cholesterol levels in the blood. (
  • Although published in 1992, this is the most comprehensive study on the effects of Gum of Acacia on blood to date. 
  • Ingestion of Gum Arabic results in a significant reduction inBMI and body fat percentage in healthy adult women. 
  • The effect could be exploited in the treatment ofobesity.
  • Acacia Gum can help maintain a healthy weight and is good for overall cardiovascular health. 
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has even made regulatory changes to recognize the beneficial use of Acacia as a source of quality fibre in many popular foods, including cereals, fruit juices and yogurt.
  • Acacia is often used in topical treatments to help wounds heal. 
  • Doctors, scientists and researchers believe that this effect may be due to some of its chemicals, such as alkaloids, glycosides and flavonoids. 


  • In one study, a species of Acacia called Acacia Caesia was tested as part of topical wound treatment. 
  • This led to faster healing than standard treatment.
  • Another study suggests that Acacia can also help heal ulcers.
  • Finally, Acacia Gum is known to relieve irritation and inflammation, to control coughs and as an anti-plaque agent.

What is the use of Acacia sap in the homeopathic product Homeogum : Gum Arabic

We pay great attention to the quality of our coating which is beneficial to our Homeophyto gums.

The harvest of the acacia sap is reasoned and organic, 100% natural because in desert areas where no intensive cultivation is practiced.

We make it a point of honour to respect the environment and the conservation of nature.

The Acacia is grown in particular ecosystems and we are careful not to make more than 3 incisions so as not to damage the tree.

Often used as a dietary supplement, the quality of our Gum Arabic brings advantages over the active ingredients of our homeopathic synergies by sublingual intake.

What are the virtues of Acacia as Fructo Oligo Saccharide: a regenerating action of the microbiota and friendly bacteria.

The Gum Arabic that we use in our lozenge homeophyto contains a lot of dietary fibre, which is found in vegetables, fruit and cereals.

These fibres contribute to the proper functioning of our body and in particular our intestinal system.

Gum Arabic has a prebiotic action which is beneficial for the body:

This prebiotic acts within our intestinal flora in a specific way for each individual by re-seeding the microbiota.

Your intestinal balance is fragile.

These ecosystems are directly dependent on our diet. Specifically, in the first study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that Bacteroids preferred the intestines of people with a meaty diet high in saturated fats. Ruminococcus, on the other hand, preferred alcohol and polyunsaturated fats. As for the Prevotella ecosystem, it would rather be favoured by a diet rich in sugars. (Prevotella present in the disease COVID 19)

As a result, the Gum Arabic used in our homeopathic product brings you the following benefits, renews and improves :

  • vaginal flora(doderlein flora), intestine, oral
  • gene expression and metabolism 
  • the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation of the microbiota and the effect of constipation
  • Controls caloric absorption
  • Guide the brain (we also have bacteria in our brain)

Double benefit of Gum Arabic from Acacia: Reactivation of the Microbiota, Thyroid and Kidneys

Through the lymphatic and blood channels, our Gum Arabic or Acacia Gum present in the coating of all our products interacts with :

  1. The microbiota of the Duodenum, the centre of assimilation linked to the Thyroid and the kidneys.
  2. Gum arabic : natural remedy in homeopathyThe intestines are connected to the lymphatic and blood circulatory system by micro-capillary vessels.

As a result, the action of Acacia Gum Arabic is twofold.

  • On the one hand, on the intestinal system called "microbiota".
  • On the other hand on the lymphatic system. This is an important additional benefit in homeophyto HOMEOGUM® products.

Acacia Gum Arabic is used to coat all the specialities HOMEOGUM.

F.O.S. or fructo-oligosaccharides, basic prebiotics, simple and effective, nourishing the friendly bacteria called probiotics at the heart of the intestinal microbiota to actively protect you in addition to the primary indications in all HOMEOGUM® products.

Health is achieved through fibre intake: Gum Arabic is one of the most powerful fibres.

In addition, HOMEOGUM® participates in sustainable development by doing fair trade with Africa for the harvest of Acacia sap.

Acacia or Gum Arabic

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