Hawthorn is a plant used in Homeopathy or Phytotherapy as well as in our products homeopathic, having virtues rather directed towards stress, anxiety andcardiac failure

This thorny shrub with small bunches of white or pinkish flowers, fragrant but fragile, with green and shiny leaves, belongs to the rosaceous family, like the rose...

Its leaves, fleshy berries and flowers are used to make pharmaceuticals and its bark is used for infusion.

A bit of history

From the Latin name "alba", white and "spina" spines, hawthorn is native to Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America.

Although there are more than 200 varieties, only two are used in phytotherapy.

Hawthorn has long been linked to mythology and superstition.

Many believed that the trees were inhabited by fairy people.

Hawthorn was a pledge of happiness, health, prosperity, protected from evil spirits.

A key element of traditional Chinese medicine since the 7th century BC for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, it arrived in Greece at the beginning of our era, the Greek physician Dioscorides prescribed it as a remedy for heart problems.

In the Middle Ages, it was known in Europe as a diuretic and to treat kidney stones.

Research on Hawthorn only began at the end of the 19th century and confirmed its relaxing, anti-stress and soothing effects on the heart, which earned it its nickname "Plant of the heart".

Cardiologists 50 years ago were getting results in repair and regulation! 

Do you know that?

If the lifespan of a shrub is estimated at 400 years, one of the oldest hawthorns in France located at Saint-Mars-sur-la-Futaie and linked to the history of the hermitage where lived Saint Bernard of Tiron (Abbeville 1046- Abbey of the Holy Trinity of Tiron, Thiron-Gardais 1117), is said to be a thousand years old...

What for?

Hawthorn is an illustration of the notion of tropism, which is the affinity of a plant with a tissue.

In her case, it's heart tissue.

In nature it contains a plethora of powerful antioxidants known for their vasodilating action.

Beneficial for people suffering from heart failure, it has been shown to support peripheral circulation, reduce shortness of breath and fatigue, it is recommended for those who somatize the heart, which beats faster(troubled).

In summary, according to the monograph of theEMA (European Medicines Agency), the leaf and flower of Hawthorn can be used to relieve palpitations, symptoms of mental stress and promote sleep.

Do you know that?

Hawthorn is part of the official pharmacopoeia of China, Europe, Great Britain, Germany and France.

Its traditional uses?

It is used to help:

  • Lower blood pressure (stress),
  • Reduce anxiety,
  • Decrease body temperature: prepare for sleep (insomnia due to stress or menopause)

It is traditionally used in cases of anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, nervousness, etc.

What is the use of hawthorn in the homeopathic product Zen Attitude : Sleepiness, anxiety, cardiac palpitations due to stress

We are very attentive to the quality of ingredients such as Hawthorn in our Homeopathic gums.

This plant is sovereign to promotesleep, reduceanxiety and heart palpitations due to stress.

Often used as a dietary supplement by the alternative medicinethe quality of this ingredient adds "Plus" to the synergy of our homeophyto speciality.

What is the main virtues of hawthorn: support of peripheral circulation

Hawthorn facilitates the transport of blood from the arteries to the heart and supports peripheral circulation.

Role of this ingredient in cardiovascular dysfunctions: You'll be surprised!

In the medium and long term, Hawthorn, used in our speciality Zen Attitude in homeophyto, is an essential base for cardiovascular balance.

It contributes to the proper functioning of the blood vessels..

Benefits of Hawthorn: Heart and Circulatory Pressure

Hawthorn, used in our specialty in homeophyto, contributes to a nutrition, a regulatory activity, an over-oxygenation of the heart with a blood supply to the heart muscle.

Supports heart function at all ages.

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