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Between the company Sanatio manager answering for the Laboratory HOMEOGUM hereafter named.

(for more administrative information on the French company Sanatio, please refer to our " Legal Notice ")


Internet users wishing to acquire the products and services of the brand Homeogum through our online shop.

These general terms and conditions of sale are written in French. If one of the languages offered is foreign to you and if you cannot have an understandable transcription through the translation tools integrated into the site, you must not accept these general terms and conditions of sale.

Any order where the box "I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE" has been checked, will not be invalidated or subject to a claim for any reason whatsoever.


The personal information collected for the purposes of distance selling is mandatory for the products on the site. This information is essential for the processing and routing of orders, the establishment of invoices and warranty contracts. The customer protected by the rules RGPD set up on his open account, acknowledges having taken knowledge, at the time of placing the order, of the cookies related to the functioning, the General Data Protection Regulations and the special conditions of sale set out in the articles below. The present general conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between the company and its customer, both parties accepting them de facto.

The user of this site is protected by French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, in particular by Article L. 224-42-2 of the Consumer Code in accordance with Article 20 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the European Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and has a right to access and modify his or her subscriber data on this site.


Moreover, this site undertakes not to communicate, under any pretext, the contact details of its customers to a third party, free of charge or with consideration as specified in our privacy policy.

Transactions are subject to the new French tax provisions, Article 87 of the 2016 Finance Act (L. n°2015-1785, Dec. 29, 2015) and amendment 2016, creates Article 242 bis of the General Tax Code on transactions of goods and services, between individuals or professionals, by electronic means with automatic tax declaration mandatory for income-related purchases.

In accordance with the European directives on the general regulation of data protection RGPD or GDPR, this site has all the legal tools for personal protection for users and customers.


"Each individual has different physiologies and depending on the dosage, the results cannot be identical and in theory cannot be guaranteed despite our recognized performance, particularly in the video testimonials in the links.

Our specialities based on plants and minerals are effective natural remedies registered with the DGCCRF, they are intended to maintain your good health unlike some medicines. HOMEOGUM fromthe pharmacopoeiais not a medicine.

HOMEOGUM guarantees the exact detailed description of the products presented in accordance with the legal mentions. The photographs illustrating the pages and the products are normally correct but do not enter into the contractual field. If errors have been introduced, HOMEOGUM cannot be held responsible in any way.
The products offered are in conformity with the French and European legislation in force for nutritional supplements, articles 15 & 16 substances and plants of the European codex.
The acceptance by HOMEOGUM to deliver the products outside Metropolitan France is subject to the validation by the customer that the products concerned respect the legislation in force in the country of destination and/or delivery.
Under no circumstances the responsibility of HOMEOGUM can not be sought in the event that the products ordered by the customer violate the legislation applicable in the country of destination or delivery outside Europe.


All orders placed at HOMEOGUM are for the personal use of customers.
The automatic recording systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order. HOMEOGUM confirms the acceptance of the order following the payment of the customer, at the email address provided by the customer. Failure to provide this information will result in the cancellation of the order.
The sale will be concluded only after confirmation of the order and full payment.
HOMEOGUM reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.
The information given by the customer, during the order taking, engages this one in case of error in the wording of the coordinates of the recipient for the delivery. The seller cannot be held responsible for the impossibility in which it could be to deliver the product. In the event of a complete return of the goods shipped due to a lack of address, a reshipment proposal will be proposed and invoiced to the customer if necessary. In case of loss of goods, HOMEOGUM would ask for information from its logistic provider in order to justify the responsibility of the carrier and the customer (the goods always travel at the risk of the recipient).


After acceptance and confirmation of the order, HOMEOGUM undertakes to deliver, according to the option, all the references ordered by the buyer and this within the following deadlines according to the regularity of the delivery services indicated below:

  • Normal delivery in Metropolitan France between 3 and 7 days.
  • Normal international delivery between 6 and 9 days.

These periods are understood to be from receipt of payment by the seller, excluding weekends, public holidays or other imponderables or cases of force majeure listed below which may modify the said periods without the seller being able to incur any liability whatsoever.
In the event of stock being out of stock for more than 14 days, a new dispatch time or a refund will be offered to the customer.
Delivery, depending on the option chosen, is made by different service providers throughout the world at home or at a relay point throughout Europe. Possible delays by the carriers do not entitle the customer to claim damages or a refund of the order or shipping costs.
For each delivery, the customer receives an email with his invoice and the relay point if applicable.
In the absence of specific instructions from the customer concerning transport and/or delivery, the seller reserves the right to arrange for the goods to be transported in the best possible way without incurring any liability whatsoever.

Deliveries are ensured by the service of :

  • Secure Postal Envelope for whichthe addressee can follow his parcel at his request after flashings, if necessary by the postal services on the site of La Poste: https: //www.laposte.fr/particulier/outils/suivre-vos-envois.
  • Point Relay chosen by the customer on which it engages its responsibility and must retrieve the package within 15 days under penalty of return without recourse.

Every customer in France, DOM and TOM is obliged to have a mailbox in accordance with the new French standards.

  • For collective buildings built after 1979: standardised letter boxes corresponding to a minimum volume of 260 x 260 x 340 mm (Order n°1802 of 29 June 1979 makes the installation of standardised letter boxes type NF D 27404 (interior) and NF D 27 405 (exterior) compulsory.
  • For old buildings built before 1979: The NF D 27 407 standard corresponds to a minimum volume of 130 x 260 x 340 mm.

The following are considered as cases of force majeure discharging the seller from its obligation to deliver temporarily or definitively, depending on the case: strikes, demonstrations, transport accidents, riots, fires, natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, attacks, states of war, dictatorship, embargoes, monopolistic situations or legal orders in France and/or in the country of destination, as well as the impossibility of being supplied.

You must check your package in your mailbox or at the requested reception point,

Goods always travel at the risk of the recipient.

An order can be delivered in several monthly installments when the customer chooses a subscription for a long-term cure. In this case or for a payment split in several times without charge, a monthly direct debit will be set up with the customer's agreement.

The delivery time may be longer than the French national holidays or those of the country of destination.


  • Easter Monday, March 28 in 2016 and April 17 in 2017
  • May 1 Labour Day
  • 8 May commemorating the liberation of 1945
  • Ascension Thursday on May 5 in 2016 and May 25 in 2017
  • Pentecost Monday, May 16 in 2016 and June 5 in 2017
  • July 14 the capture of the Bastille
  • 15 august l'assomption
  • 1 November All Saints' Day
  • 11 November the armistice
  • December 25 Christmas Day
  • January 1 on New Year's Day


The price is expressed in euros including all taxes or translated at the official rate of the day on countries not having the euro as currency by the electronic payment system PAYPAL. The price indicated on the product sheets does not include transport. The price indicated in the final order confirmation is the final price to be paid.
This price includes the price of the products, handling, packaging, transport costs and French administrative taxes in metropolitan France.

The applicable shipping costs for international are on the page: https://www.traitement-homeopathique.com/frais-de-livraison-homeogum/

For deliveries outside Metropolitan France, the customer undertakes, where appropriate, to pay all costs due to the import of products, taxes and duties added by virtue of the local customs of the territories where the delivery is made. HOMEOGUM is released from any legal responsibility in particular on the payment of local taxes.


The price invoiced to the customer is the price indicated on the order confirmation HOMEOGUM.
The price of the products is realized in cash without discount on the day of the effective order.
HOMEOGUM offers several choices of electronic payment, through the payment service 3D SECURE PAYGREEN interface of THE POSTAL BANK, PAYPAL EXPRESS which makes it possible to pay directly by bank card without adhesion to the bank PAYPAL or by the customer account of the aforesaid bank PAYPAL which does not require the possession of a nominative bank card.
We consider the customer's order validated effective only when the banking payment centers concerned give their agreement and credit the amount to the seller's account regardless of the method of payment chosen.
Payment is made by bank card with secure solutions such as 3D SECURE which generates a unique code by SMS on the customer's mobile phone.
The security of payments is total as well as that of the customer who can make an additional claim to the authorities.
HOMEOGUM allows through its site, to validate all payments by VISA, ELECTRON, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER and MAESTRO cards and PAYPAL EXPRESS in 26 foreign currencies.
In case of bank refusal, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer notified by e-mail.


According to article L121-20-3 of the French Consumer Code, you have 14 days from receipt to return the product.
HOMEOGUM , applies this principle as a courtesy to the whole world.
The merchandise must be returned complete, in a sealed box with the order number as a reference (packaging, accessories, notice, gift or promotional offer attached to the order).
Products refused or returned open, incomplete, damaged, soiled by the customer are not taken back, especially in case of packaging received damaged.
Shipping and return costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.
Only the price of the purchased product(s) is refunded after deduction of the shipping, handling and return costs, which may be invoiced up to the full amount of the order.
These refunds will be made within 15 days or less after receipt of the products by us (except for payments by check: 20 days). Refunds will be made by crediting your bank account in the name of the customer who placed the order and to the billing address or by cheque sent to his postal address.
No cash on delivery will be accepted, whatever the reason.


This contract is subject to French law. HOMEOGUM cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether material or immaterial, physical or psychological, which could result from the misuse of the products marketed.
In the event of difficulties in the application of this contract, the purchaser has the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution in particular with the assistance of: a professional association of the branch, a consumer association or any other council of his choice.
It is recalled that as a general rule and subject to the discretion of the Courts, compliance with the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual guarantee assumes that the buyer has honored the payment of the product(s) to the seller.
Claims or disputes will always be studied with benevolent attention, good faith being always presumed in the person who takes the trouble to explain his situation.
In the event of a dispute, the customer will address in priority to HOMEOGUM to obtain an amicable solution.
Failing this, the Commercial Court of Paris or Nice in France has sole jurisdiction, regardless of the place of delivery and the method of payment accepted.