Sports training and homeopathy


This year, it's decided, no more holidays with your feet in the sand and sunny destinations that have been tested many times...

So innovate and choose to set off on a safe adventure to the other side of the world with a sports training beforehand!

You who are not very sportsman(ve), impossible to leave without a minimum trainingand precautions and advice.

The importance of l’sports training is to maintain its shape at all times thanks to homeopathy and in particular the range Homeogum

Well-equipped for his sports training in terms of equipment and homeopathy !

Sports training and homeopathy

Natural product sport Homeopathy

Who says sports training so-called hardware test

An equipment with a pharmacy and adapted products are important to avoid suffering during your future stay. (homeopathy)

For the feet: good shoes are essential in sportstraining toensure comfort and safety, of course don't forget a pair of sandals, very pleasant after a day's walk .

So test and wear your walking shoes for a while before you travel with them as they will then have time to take the shape of your feet and avoid painful blisters like with army "ranger" shoes.

A good blood circulation with homeopathy will be favoured with Immunim Vital for the blood circulation and the regeneration of the dermis for the heatings thanks to an intense micro-circulation.

Warm clothes for the night and a rain coat are also to be tested during your sports training.

Indeed, in some regions of the world, temperatures can drop very low (mountainous or desert regions for example).

If you add to this the fatigue of the day and weather conditions not always favourable, this can make your stay very uncomfortable.

The same goes for the rain: going through the monsoon without a sufficiently warm and waterproof rain jacket can turn your discovery trip into hell on earth! 

In these cases use homeopathy with Zen Attitude for a sleep restorative in all circumstances without drowsiness or habituation.

In addition to homeopathy, think practical: it's a human behaviour... !

Aself-contained flashlight to dynamo your sports training : don't forget that you are going to remote areas where electricity is not necessarily common.

So the flashlight will be useful during your sports training at nightfall.

(walking in the dark can be dangerous and stressful, you will avoid hurting yourself by lighting up and being anxious by taking a walk in the dark. homeopathy Zen Attitude).

A good sleeping bag: if you sleep under the stars, a sleeping bag is essential to sleep peacefully, warm and dry in all circumstances with Zen Attitude for a sleep repairman.

As for the lodges that you could visit, they are not necessarily very well equipped with good hygiene!

So it is better to arrive with your equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises and Immunim Vital, homeopathy against, in particular, heavy metals, even in infinitesimal doses, that may be present in the local diet or water. 

Enegy blood, natural product in phytotherapy & homeopathy as a food supplementWhat about the pharmacy at a sports practice? (first aid kit with equipment and homeopathy)

Yes, when it comes to sports training, it's all about potential little aches and pains before a trip to unknown territory.

The Homeogum range in homeopathy and phytotherapy will be indispensable and light to carry in your luggage and on you!

And don't forget anything for your sports training: your pharmacy must not be too heavy, think about the essentials!

Here is a basic list for sports training including homeopathic treatment:

  • compresses 5 x 5 cm and 10 x 10 cm
  • + bands 1 cohesive and 1 sticky
  • cleansing pads
  • tweezers
  • non-liquid soap
  • scissors medical tissue specific courses
  • saline solution (pack single dose)
  • sterile gloves
  • adhesive suture dressing
  • small, medium and large bandages
  • energy blood for performance maintenance, jet-lag and recovery for sports training 
  • immunim vital against heavy metal contaminations and for immunity for sports training 
  • zen attitude in managing emotions, stress and adapting to the elements for sports training 
  • Calendula-based healing ointment for burns and abrasions
  • roll-on Dapis stick against mosquitoes and bites
  • acetylsalicylic acid or Rhone aspirin, preferably chewable (analgesic and antipyretic)

And for the stimulationwe recommend our flagship product ENERGY BLOODThe natural, sugar-free Guarana Premium helps you to manage your performance and the daily recovery of your sports training .


Very good sports training and good holiday or performance with homeopathy HOMEOGUM for natural life!

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