Lipoedema and hormonal imbalance:

Understanding Lipid-RelatedHormonal Imbalance !

Male, female, young or menopausalthe subject involves more and more people.

The Lipoedema is a genetic imbalance hormonal fat tissue.

Hormones are therefore managed by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which regulate the needs of the vascular systems.

And as a result, it is an edema of the lipocyteswhich refers to the increase in adipose tissue that is no longer circulating.

Hormonal Treatment of Lipoedema in Homeopathy     

The most famous aspect of the the famous " saddlebags ".

So beware, liposuction doesn't always fix those " saddlebags "...

These overloaded liquids that are normally discharged by the lymph are not due toobesity.

Hormonal Treatment of Lipoedema in HomeopathyBlood and lymphatic micro-circulation is at the heart of this hereditary imbalance.

L’venous incapacity, usually appears later.

This generates a permanent oedema that causes a phlebitis or clot that blocks the veins.

Early diagnosis with a hormone therapy may prevent a worsening of the Lipoedema and fatty tissue.

In particular for a gland endocrine. 

Indeed, this aggravation can lead to " lipo-lymphedema " with extreme narrowing of the lymphatic vessels.

This implies the strong propagation of adipose or fatty tissue.

Hormonal imbalance and lymph: accumulation in fat tissue


The Lipoedema is a chronic condition that accompanies you throughout your life.

So how do you eliminate a Lipoedema ?

It is important that you quickly discern the complexity of this hormonal disorder.

In the case of a LipoedemaNeither sport, dieting nor fasting cures bring about an improvement:

  1. The reduction of fatty deposits does not occur in sick areas.
  2. Muscle mass will be lost only in the "healthy" parts of your body.

Hormonal Treatment of Lipoedema in HomeopathyTherefore, these opportunities are not effective:

  • Therefore, it is not possible to eliminate an Lipoedema using "conventional" Mediator-type drugs.
  • Liver lesions are common with this pathology, hence the interest in homeopathy ofsublingual absorption (directly in the circulation sanguine and the lymphatic system)
  • Also, surgical procedures are not permanent guarantees for this disease.


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