The De Quervain's thyroiditis related to ENT pathologies is also called :

  • giant cell thyroiditis
  • subacute granulomatous granulomatous thyroiditis
  • pseudo-tuberculous thyroiditis

Four times less common than Hashimoto's thyroiditis and five times less than the Basedow's disease.

This harmless inflammation of the thyroid has a viral strain.

  • It is born as a result of an ENT pathology. For example, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis, flu, angina, otitis, bronchitis, etc.
  • It appears mainly at the end of the summer or spring seasons and mainly affects women.

A statement in the form of thyroiditis in his or her symptoms with a real inflammatory syndrome :

  • oedema
  • pain
  • warmth
  • redness

Usually it is accompanied by an increase in the volume of the thyroid gland and often a deterioration of its normal state.

ENT pathology: Quervain's thyroiditis
ENT pathology: Quervain's thyroiditis

Symptoms of this thyroiditis in the ENT sphere

Although relatively harmless, De Quervain's thyroiditis generally manifests itself with the following symptoms:

ENT pathology: Quervain's thyroiditis

  • a painful or palpable thyroid gland
  • the thyroid, stiff, accentuates the volume slightly without really showing a goiter
  • various muscle pains
  • hyperthyroidism with mild symptoms
  • fever with severe sweating
  • general condition condition condition
  • biting pains at neck level:
    1. with an upward irradiation
    2. heterogeneous at the neck from one side to the other at the beginning
    3. subsequently often generalized throughout the area
  • related symptoms:
    1. frequently with a dysphagia which causes difficulty in swallowing
    2. a heart rate accelerated
    3. frequent hand tremors

NB: Exceptionally, mild hypothyroidism can be detected in 5% of cases.

Diagnosis of cases of Quervain's thyroiditis

The diagnosis of cases of De Quervain's thyroiditis is made easier thanks to :

  • the questionnaire revealing the history of ENT pathologies preceding the two months
  • to blood tests confirming:
    1. inflammation due to a particularly high sedimentation rate 
    2. a syndrome inflammatory bound to excess C-reactive protein (CRP)  
    3. a TSH at a low level
    4. anecdotally, hormonal peaks in T3 and T4 
    5. at the beginning of the pathology a slight positive of antithyroid antibodies

The act of a ultrasound of the thyroid would make it possible to observe more precisely whether the gland Thyroid is granular and has inconspicuous hypoechoic areas.

A CT scan might be useful to confirm a diagnosis.

ENT treatment of Quervain's thyroiditis

The doctor normally prescribes chemical molecules, such as painkillers and beta-blockers, to limit possible cardiac disorders iatrogenically generated by these molecules.

De Quervain's thyroiditis can be treated with the same protocol as Hashimoto's or Basedow's disease.

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