IMMUNITE 5 G SET 160 Regenerating gums

micro-nutritional supplement based on plants and minerals

Disorders & Imbalances :

  • Vitality & Performance
  • Anti-Fatigue against Anaemia
  • Impaired blood regeneration 
  • Haemoglobin formation against radio frequencies 5 G
  • Defenses & Oxygenation (oxygen transport)
  • Energy & Immune Metabolism
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Iron deficiency 

This pack immunity 5G includes 4 boxes Energy Blood, one of which is free!


43.20  INCL. VAT

160 gummies Energy Blood to strengthen your immunity and regenerate your blood against the 5 G!

Defence product to reinforce its immunity against 5 G radio frequencies

ENERGY BLOOD, a bioavailable product based on plants and minerals, helps blood formation against the alteration due to radio frequencies, especially in 5 G

Regenerates blood loss during the menstrual cycle and from exposure to 5 G radio frequencies of all types

ENERGY BLOOD, a bioavailable herbal and mineral product, helps to regenerate blood loss from the menstrual cycle or 5G radio frequency exposures thanks to Iron, which promotes the normal formation of red blood cells/hemoglobin in decline and also participates in the proper functioning of the immune system and oxygen transport. 




I have been using the treatment for two weeks now and I must say that it is effective because I have an emoglobin level of 8 and iron of 6 which causes me fatigue and headaches every day. It is terrible and since we are in confinement my body is letting go. Since I take it, headaches disappeared and progressively I'm getting back in shape. I'm going to take a blood test to check my emoglobin level. I'm very happy with this purchase. Thank you


Lack of vital energy, blood loss and lack of Iron, these were the three symptoms I had. After turning to Energy Blood my worries have largely subsided!


The 5 G immunity kit to strengthen your defences

The immune system is sometimes weakened due to various medications, stress or simply everyday life. This is because the immune system has to fight against external attacks on a daily basis.

A good immune system sometimes needs a boost...

Our product "immunity box" meets the needs of the immune system by combining Ginseng Extract, Warana/Guarana Extract, Iron, Gum Arabic (Acacia), you will regain your vitality.

Strengthen your immunity with the 5G Immunity Kit

Do you feel tired during the day? Your sleep is not up to your expectations? Do food supplements help you but you need to boost your energy and your defences?

This natural product will help you in your physical and sports activity by regaining all the energy you need. Indeed, with a quality diet and the intake of Homeogumgums, your natural defenses will take their place.

Why fight infections to regain health?

The body is a complex but very fighting system. With each infection, our immune system fights with or without medication. In fact, each infection requires a lot of energy from our body.

With the immunity box, you will find your form and you will boost your energy.


Strengthen your immunity

Strengthening your immunity helps your immune system to function properly. You contribute to the improvement of your natural defences in order to better fight against the daily aggressions.

What is the role of the immune system?

Our immune system is made up of cells, organs and substances. These components work together to protect our body as a whole.

The immune system has a protective role. Indeed, it ensures the protection of our body and blocks bacteria, viruses and parasites of everyday life. In addition, it also protects us from certain more serious and more complex diseases.

Why strengthen your immunity?

Dealing with deficiencies

Our modern diet is low in essential micronutrients. In fact, the minerals, amino acids and vitamins contained in our food contribute to strengthening its immunity.

Nutrients that help boost immunity are:

  • vitamins A, B6, B9, B12, C, D and E
  • iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium
  • Omega 3

Fighting stress

Stress contributes to the lowering of the immune system. It reduces the immune response and weakens our body. On the other hand, taking food supplements stimulates the immune system and helps to reduce chronic stress.

Improve your sleep

A lack of sleep contributes to a general weakening of the body and a decrease in your immunity . Research supports the hypothesis of an important link between immunity and sleep. A statistical analysis conducted by the CNRS and INSERM based on a large epidemiological study demonstrated the following. People who have a good sleep are less likely to take antiparasitic or antifungal drugs. This is why sleeping well is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

A few tips

Practice regular physical activity and remember to have a healthy and varied diet that will provide you with all the necessary nutritional contributions and essential fatty acids. In addition, spirulina also contributes to the strengthening of the immune system.

Finally, you can consume green tea which has a strong antioxidant power and also prepare herbal teas with honey which will have an antibacterial role.

Our food supplements

Filling up on vitamins and minerals in synergy with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet will ensure that you are fully protected against all external aggressions.

Remember that our natural food supplements are not a substitute for meals and are there to help you fight against bacterial strains. If you think you are ill, contact your doctor immediately to get the advice of a health professional.

Further information

Weight 243 g
Allowed to leave

of 5 years


Ginseng Extract, Warana/Guarana Extract, Iron, Gum Arabic (Acacia)

Box of

1000 mg, 3 Boxes + 1 box offered, 40 lozenges

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Opinion HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy

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