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Disorders & Imbalances :

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Mental Fatigue & Nighttime Sleep Imbalance
  • SleepQuality & Repair
  • Psychological Tension
  • Emotion & Addiction Management
  • Mood & Relaxation
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorderl

No significant effect on alertness

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For your mental fitness: 40 anti-fatigue gums!

Instant Benefits

ZEN ATTITUDE, abioavailable plant-based product , helps mental and physical recovery thanks to Rhodiala!

Promotes better sleep

ZEN ATTITUDE, abioavailable plant-based product , promotes normal sleep thanks to Hawthorn and Saffron.



"After discovering the products Homeogum for almost 2 years, I can say that the effects are positive. They are lozenges based on plants such as hawthorn, saffron, rhodiola, selenium ginkgo-biloba bacopa etc ... plants that contribute and improve the well-being, vitality, reduces stress, fatigue, helps the functioning of the thyroid, relieves blood circulation problems without forgetting benefits for nails and hair. I alternate between Immunim Vital and Zen Attitude according to my body's needs. These lozenges taste good, are simple to take and are beneficial to me. I take advantage when I order to take the offer pack 3 + 1 box which allows me to always have a box in my bag.😀 "

Anne-Marie F**** de Castelginest

"Often stressed because of daily worries and my job, I decided to test Zen Attitude from Homéogum and I was very surprised. I don't usually believe in this type of product, but it clearly helps me to be more serene and calm. I recommend it! »

Alexia M.

Stress treatment: what if you said no to depression and stress?

Many people are under pressure and are starting therapy. In addition, many are getting used to anti-depressants and drug treatments for depression in general.

As a result, many people react with drug treatments in case of panic attacks, stress symptoms, palpitations...

Stress, trauma, anxiety disorder... everything you need to know about stress management.

Fighting stress is a real daily challenge. Indeed, more than many of us work against our state of stress and stress management.

Our daily life does not allow us to be at peace. We lived in a stressful society where our daily lives are in perpetual motion.

We call this "chronic stress" or "chronic anxiety". In concrete terms, this means that we live under stress all the time.

However, instead of taking medication for stress, it is essential to take care of one's health in other ways, in particular with healthy food supplements such as the stress treatment Homeogum.

Stress situations, insomnia and panic attacks. How to cope with stress treatment?

By taking the stress treatment on a daily basis, as a cure, you will rest your mind and be soothed in your daily life. This will limit insomnia and anxiety attacks.

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Gum Arabic (Acacia), Rhodiola Extract, Hawthorn Extract, Saffron Extract

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40 lozenges

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Opinion HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy

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