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Since 2012, the HOMEOGUM Laboratory has been creating quality eco-friendly products. These products are documented and selected by researchers. Researchers who have developed synergies of ingredients for concentrations of exceptional qualities. The 'plus' of Homegum products is their sublingual intake , which allows a much better assimilation than oral intake. In fact, when taken "habitually", the stomach and hepatic barriers limit absorption and systematically destroy 80% of the active ingredients ... whatever the dose. In the vascular system, Oxygenation and Anticoagulation are the basis of health..

Quality and efficiency: trust Homeogum

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Phyto & Homeopathic products : Energy Blood | Raid Amazones

Sport & Trekking

Testimonials Zen Attitude Homeogum  FrenchWink in the USA

French Wink

Hashimoto's disease regulation, Basedow

Hashimoto's disease regulation

QUALITY AND TRUST HOMEOGUM : Testimonials on Google December 2020 Core Update

Testimonials from Google

Phyto & Homeopathic Products : Immunim Vital | Hashimoto
Testimony of the immediate well-being with Homeogum Immunim Vital  allowing to do without Levotyrox

Immunim Vital | Levothyrox

Testimonial Energy + Immunim

A mother and her 5 year old daughter testify about a Selfy transmitted to the laboratory.

Immunim Vital against coronavirus 2019-nCOV

Testimonial on intestinal microcirculation

testimony immediate action, endurance and good form

Energy Blood | Immediate Action

jetlag testimony and endurance Energy Blood

Energy Blood | Time difference: Jet-Lag


Energy Blood | Performance

Testimonial staying in shape with Enegy Blood on falling asleep at the wheel and sport

Energy Blood | Staying in shape

testimony of an archery champion

Stop taking the last Levothyrox

Testimony about a burnout

Zen Attitude | herbal stress relief

testimony Energy Blood

Energy Blood | Sport Boost

testimonial Back pain with immunim vital in benefit on microcirculation

Goodbye Backache

testimony of a naturopathic doctor on Homeogum Immunim Vital

Quality, efficiency and practicality!

Homeogum : N°1 Homeopathy and phytotherapy

Homeogum | Corinne Collin Bellet

Phyto & Homeopathic products : Energy Blood | Raid Amazones

Super Fit

Testify of immediate well-being with Homeogum against cancer

Georgina A: The end of my cancer

testimony on zen attitude against depression

Zen Attitude | Depression

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components of interest in homeopathy

For your full shape, plants and minerals ultra-dosed and concentrated for a top assimilation.

Ginkgo Biloba
antidepressant for this natural remedy in homeopathy and phytotherapy
Acacia or Gum Arabic
The Guarana or Warana