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Opinion HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy




With its natural coating of Gum Arabic, Homeogum is the 1st basic prebiotic offered in this new therapy in homeopathy/phytotherapy.

- ENERGY BLOOD : SPORT & MENSTRUATIONS (Vitality, performance, effort regulation, haemoglobin regeneration, anti-fatigue and anaemia, Menstruation and protection of the vaginal flora)

- ZEN ATTITUDE : PLAY LIFE WITHOUT STRESS OR FATIGUE (Stress and Anxiety, Mood and Relaxation, Emotional and Addiction Management, Mental Fatigue and Nervous Breakdown)

- IMMUNIM VITAL : CELL DEFENSE & CELL REGULATION (Thyroid & Immune Function, Blood & Lymphatic Microcirculation, Cognitive & Cerebral)

like alexa

"We're so sure it works for you, we're so sure we can get you back into shape, we're so sure we can regulate you that we're ready to offer you a week's treatment!

Prebiotics are used as food for vaginal, intestinal and oral flora.

The indications that are really effective are:

- Thyroid and immune functions
- Blood and lymphatic circulation
- Cognitive skills
- Vitality
- Performance
- Hemoglobin formation
- Fatigue reducer
- Mental Fatigue
- Mood and relaxation
- Stress and anxiety

For the well being
For blood circulation
For the lymphatic system

The cases treated are :

  1. Imbalances in thyroid function
  2. Bowel disorders
  3. Menstrual fatigue and white discharge
  4. Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Management
  5. End-of-life cognitive impairment
  6. The mood of the age
  7. Heavy metal poisoning
  8. Generally speaking, the vital needs related to the modern world and pollution 

Unlike anything that is swallowed by oral assimilation and destroyed, at least 80% by the liver barrier, sublingual assimilation allows a total benefit of all ingredients directly into the bloodstream with zero loss.

  • Homeogum is entirely made in France with a nomadic polypropylene box without endocrine disruptors, in particular without PH Talâtes or Bisphenol A.
  • The compositions are synergies of ingredients optimized and energized during production.
  • Without overpackaging
  • The carbon trace is very limited
  • Our Vegan food supplements do not contain added sugars, colourings or GMOs.

Homeogum is at the heart of innovation for your well-being

Homeogum : N°1 Homeopathy and phytotherapy
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HOMEOGUM : The 1st effective food supplement combining Homeopathy and Phytotherapy

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