Homeogum, a committed laboratory

HOMEOGUM, a committed homeopathic laboratory.

Homeogum vs. pharmacological habits

Homeogum offers healthy alternatives to the medication promoted by the pharmaceutical industry. Harmful in the long term for the liver and incompletely assimilated, it has nevertheless become the norm. It has become the solution to all ills.

The Homeogum remedies have many benefits, including its rapid assimilation by the body, its effectiveness ... and more! Discover each of our products and their objectives.


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Homeopathy Laboratory 

Founded over 200 years ago by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is an alternative medicine technique practiced by over 200 million people worldwide. In contrast to traditional medicine, this technique makes it possible to treat illnesses according to the symptoms and characteristics of the patient. In particular, it is based on the idea of stimulating the body or human organism to help it heal itself. To do this, a substance that can cause a symptom is ingested or injected by the patient to treat the same symptom. Recognized by France in 1965, this concept began to spread throughout France.

A Brief Description of a Homeopathic Laboratory

A homeopathic laboratory is no more and no less than a pharmaceutical establishment approved by the ANSM or the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines. Like all pharmaceutical laboratories in the world, their function is to produce and market homeopathic medicines on the market. However, before being put on the market, the medicines produced by these laboratories are subject to strict standards related to the profession of pharmacist. Indeed, they must comply with the rules of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of efficacy and quality, but also in terms of the safety of each patient.

The roles of a homeopathic laboratory

As previously mentioned, the mission of a homeopathic laboratory is to produce and sell homeopathic medicines. Compared to other medicines available in regular pharmacies, homeopathic medicines act on the human body in a completely different way. Indeed, homeopathy is based on the fact that the human body can heal itself. These medicines therefore serve largely to stimulate the body's self-healing instead of looking for the cause of the disease.

To benefit from this treatment, the patient must therefore go to a homeopath. It should be noted that two patients with the same symptoms will not necessarily have the same homeopathic treatment, hence the importance of going to a professional.

Diseases treated by homeopathic laboratories

Since their creation, homeopathic laboratories have already succeeded in curing many patients through their medicines. Indeed, this complementary medicine was designed to :

  • cure colds,
  • help lose weight,
  • overcome insomnia,
  • reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia,
  • minimize the side effects of chemotherapy,
  • to relieve diarrhea,
  • decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis,
  • relieve dental pain,
  • decrease menopausal symptoms,
  • prevent migraines,